your growth objectives

Our working method has become a standard in 250 fast-growing companies in just 2 years. The good news is that you can also apply it.

The Four Pillars

Our kiff is to revolutionize the growth of our partners.

For this we have developed a unique methodology based on four pillars.

Pillar 01

Business expertise

A pioneering growth team in Europe, at the forefront of disciplines such as copywriting, online advertising, SEO, design, emailing, analytics... At the forefront is Grégoire Gambatto, "the little prince of growth" as he is called.
Pillar 02

Process & Tools

Systematic identification of redundant tasks in order to automate them as much as possible. To launch thousands of ads, analyze dozens of analytics reports and produce about 20 landing pages per week, you'd better master the subject.
Pillar 03


Just like when you run a marathon and the first thing you do is look at your time, we always have an eye on the results of previous tests and industry averages so we can blow it up next time.
Pillar 04


A work on pedagogy, mutualisation and mutual aid in order to create synergies that allow each person to become more autonomous and to meet their objectives. We think that it is by giving that we will receive. YOLO.

Anyway, it's all cool, but it takes time to master.
And even longer to improve.

So, to save you time, you can access The Anteroom.

The antechamber is
the entrance to the core of the Germinal reactor.

It's as if you were looking through the keyhole.

There you will find:
Business expertise

Our certified trainings

To increase your skills

Our templates, checklists, tools

To gain efficiency

Our test & funnel reviews

To identify winning strategies for your industry

Our experts, accessible

To accompany you on a daily basis
In summary, in the antechamber you will find learning and experiences.
Without living through mistakes or pain.
It's a privilege.
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The truth comes out of the mouths of the customers

Olivier Ramel
Germinal enabled us to organise our acquisition strategy in record time. Which channels, which formats, which messages are best suited for your lead generation. Nothing escapes them, I strongly recommend! Thanks again for your efficiency.
Fashion, marketing - B2C
Marie-Catherine Cerruti
Head of France and Europe Brand Hub at Ipsos Strategy3
"Germinal revolutionizes marketing and research. They have developed a unique understanding of social networks that allows them to test ideas for innovation with incredible speed. Plus, they dress poorly and are humble nerds."
Consulting, Research, Innovation - B2B
Nicolas Windpassinger
VP Schneider Electric & Author of "Digitize or die"
"The teams are helping us to digitize our market launch. Their added value is undeniable and their professionalism is recognized within the teams."
Talent Marketplace - B2B
Alexis Marcadet
Growth Manager
We had been asking ourselves questions for a few months, thanks to Germinal we got quick answers. I see them as a machine to speed up the decision making process of growth.
mobility, start-up - B2C
Laurent Houel
Associate at Fast Up Partners, ex-Branding Director at Evian
"Germinal, and its disruptive approach to come up with new concepts in record time, has proved decisive for a number of our clients."
Excubation, Innovation - B2b / B2C
She made our reputation

Our cavalry

We've got a team that gets up every morning to challenge the latest strategies of our partners. It defines, executes, and optimizes future online marketing test cases. It's our best asset.
Do you have an assignment for her? It is accessible only by application.
customers covering all business verticals
of advertising expenditure in 2019
of conversions generated by our acquisition campaigns
tests and experiments carried out in the space of 2 years

Our other projects

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 1:30 pm, meet Grégoire Gambatto (CEO) and Jordan Chenevier-Truchet (CMO) for uncompromising programs. They talk about growth, acquisition, influence, landing pages, advertising agencies... but also tractor!
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"Growth Hacking: 8 weeks to double your number of prospects" is a best-seller in its category in France. For us it's a bit like having a medal at the Olympics.
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The largest French community dedicated to growth hacking, lead generation, SEO, analytics, startups... Join more than 2,000 growth hackers to discuss best practices, discover tools, and participate in our meetings and AMAs.
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Every year our team gives ≈250h "Growth" courses in the most beautiful business and engineering schools - HEC, ESCP, INPG, EDHEC, Glion Institute... - and inspires the teams of the most beautiful companies - LVMH, Leroy Merlin, Decathlon... - at around thirty conferences.
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We are convinced that it is possible to go faster than we think, by going off the beaten track. Hacking into a system is not about getting around it, it's about knowing every cog in the wheel to find the shortest route to your goal. Germinal is not a group of hackers, but it is not a simple company either. Germinal is a direct, straightforward mindset that gets straight to the point. For the past 2 years, we have been supporting clients of all sizes in their growth to enable them to exceed their objectives in record time and regain the time they lost thinking rather than taking action. At Germinal, we take action and very quickly. In fact, there's no time to finish this phr

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