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Four to twelve weeks to help you reach the top.

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We help companies to accelerate their online growth through commando missions and the development of their teams' skills.

Discover the germinal method
The Germinal Method

Our approach is scientific. Our team is creative.

Like Usain Bolt, we do sprints, except we call them iterations (it's more stylish). In each iteration, we run experiments to validate or invalidate hypotheses.

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Iteration 1
Iteration 2
Iteration 3
Iteration 4

We measure all the steps of the conversion funnel in order to identify precisely the possible optimizations and the associated opportunities.

What we want is to quickly and massively challenge your value propositions, audiences, channels, based on data & learning from previous iterations and a benchmark of 250+ customers. And since data doesn't lie... we move fast.

Interact with the team

This transparency on the figures and the actions to be taken make our missions successful.

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The machine behind the human

How to gain both speed and quality in a creative field?

By creating a machine capable of automating all of the team's repetitive and standardised tasks. This is why we created the "exoskeleton". Currently in charge of setting up the complete tracking of the conversion funnels as well as the import and configuration of the campaigns on all the advertising agencies, this one has become the numero uno ally of the whole team (we are building an altar for him). It is thanks to him that we can produce so much, in so little time. And he's just at his V1.

We combine strategists, growth marketers and creatives to build ambitious growth strategies.

Support and actions adapted to your objective

Market Study

Four to six weeks to validate your product/market suitability
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Growth team

Four to six weeks to identify the most profitable audiences and channels
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Scaling action

Manage your growth as a car driver. Except that we're actually in charge!
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Skilled Trafficking

Not all traffic is created equal. We help you optimize yours via A/Z (not A/B, not A/C, A/Z) testing to increase your conversion.

Display / Retargeting

Attract leads, convert lost leads, all at low cost and across all channels.

Full reporting

We provide comprehensive reporting to understand the impact of each of our decisions on your acquisition and conversion.

Ownership of assets

You own everything that is produced. Advertising accounts, advertisements, landing pages, reports...

Copywriting & design

From creative advertising to sales pages, our copywriters and designers aim to convert your prospects.

Competence tooling

Forms, landing pages, pop-ups, user session recording, and more. We use all the tools necessary to achieve our goals.
customers covering all business verticals
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of conversions generated by our acquisition campaigns
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What you get by contacting us

A diagnosis of your acquisition strategy
Channels, funnel, optimizations brought
A personalized action plan
A/B tests, campaign structure, etc.
A complete quote for support
Adapted to your situation and our discoveries
Interact with the team
It's our customers

Those who talk about it best

Enguerrand Chalvon Demersay
Revenue Manager
No more acute meetings to launch a project. With Germinal, in only 1 week, you launch, analyze, learn and you're back on your way. It's a real pleasure to work with a dynamic, creative and swift team. I highly recommend
Automotive, marketplace - B2c
Stephanie Tramicheck
Founding Partner and Blockchain expert
"Germinal helped structure our lead generation framework. But what I appreciated all the more was their drive for results, their responsiveness and, above all, their creativity in unexplored territories. This is a team of rock stars!"
Blockchain Agency - B2B
Fanny Abes
From the very first phase, thanks to their iteration method, Germinal was able to find the "secret sauce" thanks to which we were able to observe a direct effect on our sales and then scaling down for a real growth boost. In addition to being efficient, they are also very pleasant, nice people :) In fact, we always work together!
Health & wellness products - B2C
Rodolphe Gardies
"At home we're killing ourselves trying to do things right, so when we meet another club where every member has the same goal, it's nice. And it's going well."
E-commerce, Fashion - B2C
Nicolas Windpassinger
VP Schneider Electric & Author of "Digitize or die"
"The teams are helping us to digitize our market launch. Their added value is undeniable and their professionalism is recognized within the teams."
Talent Marketplace - B2B
Germinal offers bold individuals the operational excellence that makes their ideas come true.

Our other projects

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 1:30 pm, meet Grégoire Gambatto (CEO) and Jordan Chenevier-Truchet (CMO) for uncompromising programs. They talk about growth, acquisition, influence, landing pages, advertising agencies... but also tractor!
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"Growth Hacking: 8 weeks to double your number of prospects" is a best-seller in its category in France. For us it's a bit like having a medal at the Olympics.
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The largest French community dedicated to growth hacking, lead generation, SEO, analytics, startups... Join more than 2,000 growth hackers to discuss best practices, discover tools, and participate in our meetings and AMAs.
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Every year our team gives ≈250h "Growth" courses in the most beautiful business and engineering schools - HEC, ESCP, INPG, EDHEC, Glion Institute... - and inspires the teams of the most beautiful companies - LVMH, Leroy Merlin, Decathlon... - at around thirty conferences.
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