Benjamin Gabay

Chapter 2: Recruitment at Germinal, a story of process

Following a net increase in the number of applications and the observation that few people have the level to be recruited at Germinal, we decided to write this little article to explain the profiles we are looking for, how we recruit them and what we expect from them!

Benjamin Gabay
Last Man Standing

I. The history of our recruitment process!

Our first recruitment

The first time we recruited, it was Victor (of whom we are very proud)! We met him in the Growth France community that I created. A short interview later (he was cool), we recruited him! And that's how we recruited the other 2 or 3 first people who followed. As you can guess, this "process" having its limits (we don't recruit someone because he's cool, it's pretty obvious now) we had to change our way of doing things!

Change of process!

We modify our process by creating an Excel test that can be downloaded here! On the program:

  • Database Reprocessing
  • A little copywriting
  • General Culture Questionnaire on Growth

Results of the operation: really mixed. First of all, few people are able to really reprocess an Excel database (it's a shame by the way, because I still think it's important!). The test also highlighted the candidates' Growth deficiencies, especially on the "general culture" part. The problem? It certainly filtered out people who didn't belong here, but also very good elements. The positive side of all this? Some people found the test (which had disqualified them) so unfair that they expressed an extra motivation! In the end, they were excellent recruits! Our feat: to turn away a candidate who had been taken in more than 14 other startups before reversing our decision! He is one of the best today.

Balance sheet!

From this story we get two things out of it:

  • From our first method of recruitment: that the team approach is paramount.
  • From our second method: that a simple Excel test made up of questions does not allow us to identify interesting candidates, but that some show unlimited motivation and that this motivation must be used!

Finally Team Fit + Motivation! It's something interesting and very Germinal genetically.

II. Process 3: Winner? Or how to apply for a job at Germinal!

Since the beginning, we've had a few timeless items at Germinal:

  • Give everyone a chance
  • ignore the CV
  • ignore education
  • focus on the ability to learn very quickly
  • give preference to applications from people who have already carried out "side-projects" or have already undertaken them in the broad sense (associations/companies, etc.)
  • Know how to code (HTML CSS Javascript or Python)

The purpose of the test:

  • Test landing page content writing skills
  • Test landing page integration skills (knowing how to respect a design)
  • Knowing how to set up a tracking analytics system
  • Know how to write attractive and flawless advertising content
  • Have already set up campaigns on Facebook Ads and Google Ads

The problem is:

These skills are often the prerogative of entrepreneurs and unfortunately there is no training that specifically trains for execution!

Are you a growth confirmed or a beginner?

Are you a senior already? It's very simple => Welcome to the Jungle. We will contact you as soon as possible and offer you to come and test your skills with us! At Germinal we only believe what we see ;)

Are you still a junior? Germinal wants to give everyone a chance. We're also interested in your learning curve and your motivation. We've prepared a little guide just for you!

End of process

When you apply, we will contact you very quickly for a 30-minute interview. If we find you sufficiently motivated and capable of taking the test, you will be invited to come and work at our premises for 5 days (paid) to test your skills.

If you get on well with the team and you're up to speed => WELCOME! :)

Don't hesitate, by the way, to send me an email ( to give me feedback and help us improve our process!