Benjamin Gabay

Growth Hacking for Honest People.

Disclaimer! This "training" will be useful to you in all startups! In 1 month starting from 0 from 4 hours a day, some manage to be operational!

Benjamin Gabay

You're a beginner but you have the niac? This little guide is made for you. It explains the minimum we expect to be recruited by Germinal!

At the risk of repeating ourselves (but this is important sometimes), it is important for us to give everyone a chance. This is our son, our battle as Michel Balavoine would say.

For this, we have prepared a guide for you. It's not perfect yet, but it will improve with time!

When you feel ready, just apply here =>

Integrate a landing page perfectly

We now use Webflow as an integration tool for our landing pages. Exit Unbounce / Instapage / Landen. The "look & feel" is not good enough. Webflow is an advanced landing page integration tool that requires :

  • a knowledge of HTML
  • knowledge of CSS
  • Javascript from time to time

For that, Codeacademy is your friend! You can very simply create an account and participate in learning CSS and HTML.

Two things are possible:

  • Copy a page that already exists!
  • Bonus to those who create a page ex nihilo by working on a project that is close to their heart (that's a good point!). It shows your willingness to undertake.

Typically we expect a rendering like this:

To get there, we advise you to code at least 5 landing pages. This level must be reached within 12 hours during the test in our offices.

2. Understand Google Analytics and know how to track its first elements

Here are some interesting tutos I've seen!

3. How to set up a Facebook campaign

Here is a little guide for beginners that can be found here:

4. Endgame

Before you take your test with us, we advise you:

  • for creating a business manager
  • to have launched at least 3 campaigns (or to have completed the set up perfectly)
  • To have a perfectly realized tracking:
  • Have done the GA setup
  • Having set up your GA goals
  • Have sent events to GA via GTM.

If you really want to test your idea and if you go through the testing stage at Germinal, we'll even refund you 100€ on the campaigns you've launched to train you. Isn't life beautiful?